Friday, December 23, 2011

little quick update

today im heading into work (just for a few hours). this afternoon is our ultraouns also why im only working a half day. tonight is our christmas dinner that im hosting and hoping i get some help cooking lol. so those are todays plans and i will take pictures. i also havent forgotten that i havent uploaded any pictures of texas trip.. i know and ill get there but it may be in jan.
so ihave to tell you about what else i did... i went to see moscows great russian nutcracker ballet. this is the first ballet or even real play that i have seen. it was amazing. my moms friend bought her two tickets for christmas because she knew mom had always talked about taking me and every year we have came up with excuses to not go. one excuse is that tickets arent cheap.. i couldnt believe that there were parents who bought these crazy expensive tickets for children in there. they are close to 100 bucks and there were t year olds closer to the stage.. seriously? girls got very dressed up to. like christmas gowns. anyway by the middle of the show i changed my tune. it was all so amazing that i decided i would think about taking the girls maybe next year. at intermission the little girls er dancing around like ballerinas in their gorgeous christmas gowns and i imagined that their heads were filled with images of sugar plum fairies. lol it was the cutest thing watching these tiny girls all dreaming of being ballerinas. so next year im going to see what farther back tickets might be like and perhaps take the girls. its a little like going to a ball. i really enjoyed it!
so stay posted to find out the sex of the baby. im really hoping it cooperates today and isnt shy. anyway have a great day!

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