Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lilly is 4 Years old today!

Yes my little sweet pea is 4 today. It's amazing how fast they grow. She isn't a baby anymore she is a kid! She is still my darling sweet child though. She is fiesty and stubborn but the moment she thinks she hurt someones feelings she will run over and kiss you and tell you " i still love you, ever" and she wont stop until you are happy again. She makes me and everyone else around laugh constantly with her silly sayings and the ideas that pop into that head. It really is such a blessing to get to be around children. I feel very blessed to have such a sweet little lady in my life. She is excited about having a baby sister. She was so set on it being a brother in there that I was a little worried she wouldn't be happy if it was a sister but she just loves the baby already. She comes and kisses my belly from time to time and pats the baby in there and talks about her and emma and baby being sisters. I just have a very sweet little girl. God couldn't of given me a better gift 4 years ago and I'm excited to be getting another one from him shortly. We aren't celebrating lilly's birthday today because allan is gone to africa and well we just had christmas so it would be a bit overwhelming. We will celebrate at the end of jan probably when Dad gets home. But since it is her special day I'm going to spend some extra time playing with her and doing some fun stuff just the two of us. First off is some breakfast. She wakes up every morning and tells me "it's morning time" then the next words out of her mouth are "i'm hungry and thristy too" So i think i'll get a jump on it this morning.

Happy Birthday my sweet LILLypad.

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Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! I totally forgot what the date was today. We have been going non-stop this week. I completely lost track. I will have Em call tomorrow to say Happy Birthday to Lilly.