Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We made it to Texas

We made it to texas on sunday afternoon. We stayed the night in fort stockton the first night on the road and then ended up here in rockport on sunday. We had a nice dinner with opa and dd ( my grandparents). DD has been feeding us so good. She is a wonderful cook but we have went out for several meals too. She cooked up chili and tamales for the first night we were here. We had a delicious breakfast casserole that i want to get the recipe for. It wasn't anything crazy just eggs, sausage, cheese, etc but it was so yummy. We went out to a chinese buffet that was amazing. They had just tons of choices and you could get it like mongolian style fried up for you in the back of the buffet. Today we went to aransas pass and went to a place called the butter churn. It was another buffet. ( i think they have discovered all the good buffets here, i'm not usually a big fan of buffets but they were clean and the food was great at both) This one had home cooking. about 6 or 7 different main meat dishes then a ton of veggie side dishes and a really good salad bar that had peppers which made me happy. I realized that I have talked about the food only on here but being pregnant all this yummy food is making me happy.
We have had story time many times since we have been here. It's so good to hear all the stories and laugh with family. Oh and my aunt sue is here till tomorrow. So we didn't know if we would even get to see her this trip and we have gotten to spend a good chunk of time with her now. I'm glad for that too. We have wrapped presents and put up dd's tree and decorated it. Lilly is behaving pretty well. She is laughing and chasing allan around right now but she just loves all the animals here. She thinks that opa has a airplane in his yard. Its actually a small sail boat but i let her go ahead and believe opa has an airplane in his yard. lol.. We went and sat on the sailboat for a few minutes just to show it to allan i think. We are hoping to get to go sailing tomorrow but it has been very windy. Too windy for sailing. Opa has some older sails so they wouldn't do good in wind. Anyway i'm going to go watch " the help" good night!

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