Saturday, December 17, 2011

baby keyes update

ok i thought that maybe i should give an update on the pregnancy/baby business. its still going. i think we are 17 weeks today. i am not feeling it kick or move very much yet. its like a tiny bubble popping in there when i do feel it and its usually not more than one bubble pop at a time. maybe it will start moving more in the next few weeks. i kinda like when you feel them in there. it makes it more real to me and reassures me that they are in theredoing ok. other than that im still not feeling awesome. i think it may have gotten a bit better but my morning sickness with this one has definetly lasted into the second trimester. perhaps it is just payback since i didnt have much with my first child. if this was our first child i dont think we would have any more. so we get to find out on the werd what this baby is. i still dont have a strong feeling but im leaning towards another girl. i have had two dreams where it is a girl lwith dark hair so thats why im thinking girl. no other reasoning. just dreams. thats really all i know for a baby update till the 23rd. today im headed into work. wish me luck cause i havent been there in weeks now due to our vacation. after work we have a christmas party allan wants to go to. im going to try and make an appearance if im not just wiped out. allan is taking thegirls christmas shopping today. thats all thats going on in our world.


The Mason Bunch said...

Sounds like your trucking right along. I love feeling the baby moving during the early months. All the first are real special. I'm excited to hear what you guys are having. So glad to hear y'all had such a nice trip to TX.

Take care and Merry Christmas!

Sara said...

Yay! Can't wait to find out what you're having. I had girl dreams too, but they were wrong...oops! But with all that morning sickness, I'm betting girl.

The Keyes Family said...

I have no real clue yet. My first was a girl and I had almost no morning sickness that is the only reason I think it might be a boy cause its so different. However with my dreams I'm still betting girl too. I did have a dream that it was a boy the other night. In my girl dreams I saw the baby in my boy dream everyone was just talking about it being a boy. Lol