Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry christmas eve/ its a girl!!!

We had a wonderful party last night. Lets see there were so many people.. Ana and jeff and zane came. Keane, mom, aaron, karen, lynette, serrah, john, payton, cynthia, sean and then all of us. It probably doesn't sound like that many but it was a house full. We had a wonderful time. Allan cooked the crablegs (with my help) in the garage with the boys on a new toy he picked up at home depot. I cooked a ham in the house and mashed potatoes, salad, garlic biscuits, brocolli and cheese casserole then my mom brought beans and corn. Serrah brought more rolls. cynthia brought deviled eggs and ana brought cream puffs and karen brought a cake and keane brought cheesecake and a cake.. are you catching on to the fact that there was alot of food but even more deserts. All the food got devoured but i have a ton of cakes, cookies, and sweets that i need to find a new home for. Seriously some of them are unopened not touched and need to stay that way and go to a new house. lol..
Okay for bigger news.. WE are having a GIRL. Yes we are having another little girl. That will be three for this household ( i have a step daughter emma and then one of my own Lilly for those of you that don't know). So we are adding another little girl to the mix. So now we have a little prayer request. The bleed I had went away but now they have new concerns. It looked like my placenta is a little low. It could move up when my uterus grows a little which happens at the end of second trimester begining of third. So they want to see me again in two weeks to see if it has shifted. They were a little afraid that i had placenta previa which can correct itself but it is something that can prove to be serious not only for baby but also for the mother if there is bleeding. Bleeding doesn't tend to happen till the end of second trimester early 3rd but if it happens i have to go to the ER and go from there. For now they just said to watch for any signs of bleeding and we haven't had any. I'm still on hip rest.. very strict hip rest and the doctor also gave me a talking to about lifting cause she knows i'm a nurse. So i'm going to be trying to not work much for th enext two weeks and then see what they say on the 6th and then i may not work at all or who knows.. we will see. So please keep us in prayers until we know more. This pregnancy has been a roller coaster let me tell you. There are more details and treatment things but I don't want to go to far into it until we know for sure. It's a little scary but not that uncommon. It happens in 1 out of 200 pregnancy's and well having a c-section before can lead to it so maybe that's why.. who knows. Anyway celebrate with us in finding out that it's a girl and pray for us about the upcoming stressfulness. Thanks. Hope everyone is having a merry christmas.!

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Nicolle said...

Praying for you and that the rest of your pregnancy is healthy! Congrats on another girl.

Merry Christmas!