Friday, October 8, 2010

some photos from today

Here are a few of the pictures that i have taken over the last few days. Lilly trying on bits of her costume, eating a corndog (which seems to be her favorite since lala introduced her to them), and we made a halloween tree and filled it with tootsie rolls in the bottom for her daycare. They were very happy to have it. They had a few decorations but we thought we could spiff up the place even more. We are still thinking about what to donate for the fall festival. They are doing different baskets for a silent auction. It's their only fund raising event. Lillys room got a "parents night out" basket theme. I guess things like movie tickets or restaraunt gift cards are needed. Oh and a picture of lilly enjoying my big bathtub. It seems to be her favorite thing to do is take a bath in mine. I can't say i blame her it's alittle like a swimming pool for her. haha. Plus it's the only time i give her bubblebath. Since emma can't handle any bubbles really I'm always worried that lilly may be that way too but I haven't had any problems with that yet but she gets very few bubble baths. Anyway hope you liked all the pictures i've been posting and sending out. ;-)

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The Mason Bunch said...

I love the tree! You did a great job.

Sweet little batgirl. LOL!