Tuesday, October 19, 2010

okay jenn this is for you..

Jenn wrote on her blog about what her day is really like and challenged all of us to do it also with out sugar coating it. Here is my normal day
I wake up generally around 8ish but sometimes i try to sleep in because i can't sleep at all most nights lately. If i do sleep in i mean to around 9. It's never later than that. Lilly won't allow me to sleep in any later than whatever time she decides is good to get up. Lilly and I head downstairs so that allan can finish sleeping during the day because half the time he is on night shifts which i hate but really hopefully it won't be forever. Which i try to remind myself when i see him still sleeping there and I'm taking lilly downstairs wondering how i'm goign to keep a two year old quite all day. We take toby out to pee which he hasn't been waiting for us to get to the door lately and peeing on the floor. So first thing I'm cleaning up dog pee. Lovely huh? I'm also cussing the lady in my head that sold me this dog because she swore he had never had one accident in the house and now i'm wondering if that is why she sold him to us because he wouldn't stop peeing in the house. HE is a really good gentel dog other than he pees where he shouldn't which is a bit of a problem because he is not a puppy and that's why we got an older dog. Anyway back to my day.. i dig something for lilly to eat for breakfast. Most days she would like a bagel with cream cheese. Yes my two year old would rather have a bagel with cream cheese than a donut. Doesn't even matter if it's a sprinkled with candy donut. Weird huh? other days we have cereal or fruit. If allan is home we either make a real breakfast or go out to breakfast at the local spot we found. I usually check the messages i have on my phone because for some reason it is always blinking when i wake up. This morning i saw that i had an order delivery from schwans confirmation. Yes apparently I had ordered 80 dollars worth of schwans food in the night and it was being delivered to Liz and Nolan's old address in casper wy. Fantastic since i did not order any of it. So i tried to log in and cancel. I then sent the people who live in that house and email about it and they said they had ordered a bunch yesterday but weren't sure why i had gotten an email about it all. Funny story. So apparently everytime they order i'm goign to get to see all the yummy things they order. Well until they tell the guy they are not me. So yes the first hour or two is spent doing random chores and keeping lilly quite with cartoons or playing. Then we fight to get clothes on the girl because lilly would be perfectly fine with leaving her hair unbrushed in her eyes and wearing her pj's all day or going naked. So I try to catch her or wrestle her down and throw an outfit on her. Then we usually head out of the house because she can only stay quite for so long. Sometimes we walk to the park or go on a bike ride. The other night we went at dark and i am now covered in bug bites. I'm serious i have about 20 horribly itchy bites from the knees down on my legs. Even one between my big toe.( this is what kept me up last night) i put all kinds of bugbite treatment on them and nothing kept me from waking myself up scratching. Horrible!!! Anyway, We do the park or go visit friends or run errands like grocery store, mail, bank, bills, etc till around 5ish and come home in time to see allan off for work if we are lucky. Then we hang out for a while and color or watch tv. Make dinner of some sort which usually is something very easy because there is only two of us. Sandwiches, frozen pizza, burritos, soup, top ramen, all the easy things. Then we head upstairs for bath time. Sometimes i just give lilly a bath and sometimes she comes in my big bath tub with me and we havea big huge bubbly mess which makes her really happy and defeats any chances of me getting relax time. We take the dog out to potty again if we can get him to go. Then we head upstairs and she usually starts out in her bed with toby sleeping with her and a movie on. But she will wait till she hears me come back up from playing on the computer or blogging or watching tv then she runs into my room. Sometimes i put her back in her bed but if allan isn't home i mostly honestly let her sleep with me. She doesn't even usually come in when allan is here but if it's just me i think we both just like sleeping together. I lock all the doors in the house including the bedroom door, check the gun( yes I do have a gun in the bedroom) and crawl in the bed. So that is my normal day. We of course have great days of going out and exploring the new places and fun date nights and fun outings with friends adn then there is always homework and church and other things that fill some days. But that's it in a nutshell.

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