Thursday, October 21, 2010

He is outta here..

Yep toby is gone. I can't do it. We were excited about him and now we are going to give him away too. He will not stop pooping and peeing everywhere. I hate that worse than shedding. I got an older dog so that he would be housebroken. I would say a normal day he goes one out every 4 times outside. THis dog is not housebroken and he is old enough to be set in his ways. Allan has had enough and so have I. he is realy sweet with the girls and pretty cute but i don't have the patience to be cleaning up dog poop all over the house and if i'm going to it will be because we got an adorable little puppy. Getting an older dog sounded in theory like the right idea but it is not working out at all. He runs and hides under the bed like a cat at any loud noise. We think he was pretty abused where ever he was. We never did get the shot records. And he keeps allan up barking all day if me and the kids leave. I mean he will bark for hours and the other day he tunnneled out of our back yard. So after all of this... HE IS OUTTA HERE!!! We will try again. We do want to have a dog but this is not the one for us afater all. I'm pretty sure won't ever go with anything but a puppy again though. Maybe christmas time we could have a puppy in a present under the tree. lol. who knows but it won't be this dog. Good bye toby 2 there is only room for one toby in our extended family.

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