Sunday, October 17, 2010

another new church

Today we decided to go to church for the first time out here where we live. we had a paper that had all the local listings for church in it and I had seen one that i thought might be a match so we decided to go to mountain view family church. It is a non denominational church. We liked their worship service and the pastor gave a sermon on job and spiritual warfare. It was pretty good. they also have a charter school attached to them that goes up to 10th grade which we found interesting. It really isn't that far from us. emma went into a class and lilly went to the nursery. I asked emma what she learned about afterwards and she said " about faithfulness and how faith is believing in something even when you can't see it" good lesson. i asked lilly what she learned and she gave her standard answer of a shoulder shrug and a " idunnoknow" which is expected i guess. lol
We will probably go back. It looks like they are trying to build. they have three services at 8 10 and 1130. they have prayer meetings and groups too. They are also having a womens dinner for christmas. It sounds like they are big but t really wasn't a big church. Nothing is really big out where we live except the highschool. After church we came home and had lunch. i took the girls on a bike ride around the neighborhood. Lilly is getting really good on her tricylce. She can fly now with minimal accidents. After the bike ride the girls still wanted to go to the park so we loaded up the wagon and emma pulled lilly and a big bouncy ball down to the park and we played kickball and swang on the swings. It was alot of fun except there are always little brats at the park right before dark. yes i used the word brats. They were all dressed in black with black long hair and i could here them cussing and saying inappropraite things to each other about body parts. The girls didn't seem to notice cause i kept them a good distance away from the older kids. These weren't teens they were young. Makes me sad and mad all at once. Anyway I'm off to watch some tv and go to bed. good night everyone.

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