Friday, October 8, 2010

lilly's baby

lilly helping mommy in the kitchen with the fruit salad.

Lilly in the tent in the backyard with her friends.

She was very happy to get to help. This kid loves to clean and help do any chores. So does emma actually unless it's something that stinks to her then she gags.. lol. Yes she doesn't feel very fondly of lilly's diaper trash.

cuddle up on the couch..

Very long story behind this doll but to make it shorter. This doll cost me 34 dollars and it was on clearance. Yeah.. Llilly tricked me and she just loved this doll and had to have it and cired and cried when i tried to put it back. i read the red tag on the shelf that said10 bucks(which i thought was too much for yet another baby) Well i got to the line after shopping and i couldn't believe how much i was spending. my basket was not full i couldn't figure out where the money had gone. Well after i got home opened the doll for lilly i decided to look at the reciept yeah that baby had been marked down to 34 dollars. I looked at the box to see and sure enough there was a red tag on there that said 34 dollars too. i guess it had been in the wrong place on the shelf. Oh and it can say like 34 different things. All of which must cost a dollar each. ... So lesson learned when lilly throws things in the cart check them closely and don't let her fool me.

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