Friday, October 15, 2010

date night

Tonight me and allan had date night. We have been on a budget of sorts but we still had enough to have a fun date and pay a sitter. yes we found a sitter out here. i'm really pretty pleased with her. she is 18 knows cpr just graduated and is awaiting going into the airforce. the girls really liked her too. she made tents with them and french braided lillys hair and painted emma's nails with her own polish that she brought. they were all playing upstairs wide awake when we got home. They were in their jammies but had on costumes over them. it was good to see them so happy playing.
allan and i had a cheap fun date. We went to fatburger which brought back memories of san diego fun times at the beach. then we went and watched the social network movie which is all about the creation of facebook. It was decent. Not an action movie which we normally go see. Our babysitter rides her bike over here. apparently it's a 3 minute ride she says cause i offered to take her home cause it was dark but she rode her bike home and we made more plans to have her come bak at the end of the month for a night out with anna and jeff to go to a haunted house. Anyway we have some other plans for the week and i'll try to get some pictures of the girls up doing the fun things in the week ahead.
good night!

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The Thorsrud Family said...

I LOVE dates! Any time in peace and QUIET is so important! We tend to wait until we absolutely HAVE to get out, and I hope we can just make it more regular, because its hard to find a sitter in an hour! ha! Glad you had fun, relaxed, and got re-energized!!