Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Monday..

It's monday. How is everyones monday going? Lilly and I are up already and we have a few things to get done today. We have to go turn in our apartment keys today and do a walk thru with them. We also have to call a storage place and check out prices. We still have a huge storage place but we only need a small one and we need it closer to our house. So we are going to scout some out and get some prices. I'm tired today but i'm going to try not to take any naps with lilly cause i took one yesterday and then i could not sleep again last night. I was up till 2am i think and now i'm back up at 7.
We are getting thru the week, allan is working days but at least he will be home at night. I like it better when he is home at night. On friday we are meeting up with jennifer to pick up emma for her fall break. Allan actually gets 4 days off during the time she will be here. That willbe good cause the last time she came he only got to see her for like 15 minutes cause he was working nights. She went home the day he got off. So we are planning on going to schnepps farm. It's downt he road from us and it was voted one of the top fall things to do in phoenix. They have a big pumpkin patch and apparently a huge corn maze and rides and a petting zoo. all kinds of stuff. We haven't been to check it out yet but we want to so we are going to when emma is here. Since we don't get her for halloween i think this is our way of doing something.
We may also go to the zoo with jennifer on a day that allan is trying to sleep. I have been trying to get to the zoo since we got here but our plans have fallen thru every time. So maybe this time i'll make it there. It's actually going to in the 80s i think next week so that should be a perfect time to go to the zoo. anyway I'm off to do some chores. Merry monday to you all. ! ;-)

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Jenn said...

It is the perfect time to go to the zoo! I am excited! Im ready for bingo too :) Emma is going to love the pumpkin patch. Take lots of pictures. See you friday!