Friday, October 8, 2010

friends came over last week.

Our freinds came over last week. Lilly had a great time playing with the bigger girls and taking things away from the baby. For some reason she will not let the baby have anything. we had a good time with everyone. Daniel the one holding toby in the first picture decided to shave his head and allan let him use his shaver.. apparently toby our dog inspired him to cut his hair ... so yes he got a mohawk.. so what if it wasn't totally straight. haha. We had wonderful food too. I tried mirya and dougs buffalo chicken dip and man that stuff was delicious. Everyone said how good it was and there was not much left over at all. We also had little smokies, pink stuff, apple pie, stuffed pasta shells, brownies, cheese sticks. All kinds of good junk food for the sunday football games.

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