Sunday, July 11, 2010

well i took the nclex

it was by far the hardest test i have ever taken. i walked out of it felling like i probably should pay back the va its gi bill money for sending me to school cause i didnt learn a thing. It was nothing like i studied for. I wont know for a while if i passed or failed so now it's a waiting game to see my results. Since we aren't suppose to talk about the test at all i'm not going to post anything about what was on it or anything else obviously. Plus i don't want to discourage my fellow test takers because everyone's test is different. yes we all take the same nclex but it generates questions from a database of 3000 so we all get different questions so theirs could be way different anyway.

I'm off to bed now. thanks to all that prayed for me. i truly do appreciate it!

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