Thursday, July 29, 2010

cant think of a title.. lol

I can't think of any witty title so i'm just going spill on whats been going on around here. No news is pretty much good news. We have been busy as bumble bees around here. Emma has been here for over a week now and she is staying till i think next wed. We didn't go to big surf ( the water park) last monday so we are going this monday. Should be a blast and that's why emma decided she would like to continue to stay with us till then. lol.. Emma has been working on listening while she is here. (I think i'm not made out for two kids) She is a great kido and helps with lilly and always cleans up her messes and helps with chores but she just doesn't listen to save her life. I might as well be talking to a wall when i tell her anything when the t.v. is on so we have been limiting t.v. to maybe a movie at bedtime if they are good. She will do anything you ask her to but she just doesn't have the attention span when she is doing other things to concentrate on what you told her to do so we are working on that while she is here. We went to our new house to check up on it again and show my friend and i swear i told emma like 5 times not to set her "crown" hat down anymore cause i knew she would leave it. yep after the 5th time she still set it down and i was so pissed when i realized she had still not listened that i just said to dang bad and we left it there. ( where ever she left it lying around at) So that was yesterday and we had a huge talk about it on the way home after our friends left. So i told her this morning we would do something fun if she behaved and listened. Well sure enough before i had to tell her to get dressed like 4 times and it made me red in the face about the fourth time ( granted i have never had that much patience) so we started the morning with another talk and a spanking. I haven't had to spank her in a long time. She is getting so big it seemed kind of strange so i may just come up with a different kind of punishment for when she is here or jsut let allan spank her from now on. I think that would be harder for her anyway really. Allan can say one word and have her dressed and in the car. lol.
So my other one.. Lilly.. She is no better. She has turned into a complete copy cat. She copies everything Emma does. Oh and she is still telling me to " shh and hush" so she keeps getting spanked for that. She also wants to sneak into my bed every night. She tries to stay up way late just to get in my bed and yes i know it's my fault for every letting her in there in the first place. It's funny cause she hardly every tries to come in there when allan is home at night. But when he is working she tries everything she can think of to get in there. She was really brave the last night he was home though and walked right in there at about midnight and said loudly " hi mom" .... hi yourself as i marched her back to her room after i got a look and a talking to from allan. ( he thinks i need to be tougher on her) The problem is i don't really care that she comes in there when he isn't home. In fact i kind of like having her close. I think if i had two or three kids i wouldn't do that cause it would be to crowded but when it's just her here i don't mind it. So i need to not let her so that she gets out of the habit and we are consistent. all in all the girls are doing really good though and we always get tons of compliments about their behavior and manners so i'm not too worried and we do try to reward them for being good too.
What else? besides crazy kids.. oh Allan started his new shift at work. He will be working 4 on and 2 off rotating days and nights. So that will probably be better than all nights. Plus i think having him home at night will be nice. The nights shift was driving me nuts so at least now it's 50/50 between days and nights. We are still hoping they will hire a few more people and it will get to an even better shift but i'm happy for what we get. Plus i guess this new shift works out where they get like a 60 hour work week every week. before it was like a 48 and a 60. So it seems like less but it's actually more. ;-)
I still haven't started really looking for a job but i hear that the banner hospital that is right by our apartment is losing 11 nurses to the new hospital they are opening where we are going to live. They are hiring mostly internally for out there but the one that is close to me now is losing those 11 and they are also decreasing the nurse to patient ratio so now a nurse can only take care of 6 patients where before it was 8. So that means they were going to need to hire more nurses anyway then losing 11 on top of that means that they are going to need to hire some. So i may apply there. I think i would rather do a doctor office or make my own hours doing home health but we will see. I just haven't gotten serious about it yet. I'm kinda waiting for my mom to get here so that i don't have to put lilly in daycare..( i know that's where she got the 'shh and hush from) Anyway the kido's are asleep and i need to head that way. good night all.

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