Sunday, July 4, 2010

ok a recipe..

we had a very good fourth of july filled with friends that are like our family now since we aren't able to be close to ours on the holidays! lilly loved playing with all the kids. We had the fight night on the third and my food made a big hit. i want to give you all the cole slaw recipe that i use. Allan my husband who hates all veggies even ate every bite of coleslaw on his plate and said he was going to have more. So here it is.. a bag of cole slaw already cut in the bag, a cup of miracle whip, a 1/2 a cup of heavy whipping cream that is stirred ( they say until thick but i can't ever get mine that thick so just throw it in even if you can't), and sugar to the taste, 1 tsp of celery seed but you can do it to your own liking and i usually throw it in towards the last when i have the first three things mixed well. i don't like mine to taste like mayo so if you taste t and it's still too much mayo add more sugar and celery seed or more slaw till it's just like you like it. We love it with club crackers and we put pepper on it too. This is good old fashion southern cole slaw.. it's sweet like southern barbque not tangy and there is NO VINEGAR!! gt that crappy vinegar away from my coleslaw!!! lol oh another hint i like to make this the day before cause it's always better when it sits in the fridge over night and gets a little juicy. Tomorrow i plan on posting a few pics of the weekend and my banana pudding recipe that i found that was to die for!! it was gorgeous and so yummy so stay tuned..

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Linda Lou said...

Dear Sarah Dawn,
Thank you for the receipes!
You read my mind! = I was
going to ask you for both those
receipes! Cosmic. Thank you again for all your wonderfulness. So much fun reading your blog. Sincerely,
Linda Lou in San Diego, CA