Monday, July 12, 2010

we survived!

This was the picture after lilly had all the work done on her teeth. She was a mess like all kids but she recovered quickly really. i would say the first two to 3 hours were a bit crazy just that she couldn't get comfortable and she couldn't walk around well. But she took a little nap and this evening she was running around being her silly self. She was a little whimpier than normal but not too bad really. In fact we had to get the suburban turned into the shop to get the air conditioning taken care of before our mini vacation this weekend so our friend picked us up and we went then the kids wanted to go t mcdonalds and i wasn't sure if lilly would be up to it but she ran around with the best of them pretty much given she was 2 and they were 4 and 5. so now we are in bed after a long day relaxing. she was able to eat and hold everything down. She has even been asking for water cause everything else tastes funny i guess.

Other news... I passed my NCLEX!!! yep. I found out today! So i'm still waiting for official results from az board but quick results said yep!! so arizona takes forever with everything but my work is done so i'm excited!!!

more news.. i tried the netti pot. everyone swears by it that i know that has used it.. what's your alls thoughts? i haven't been able to taste smell and today i couldnt hear out of my left ear cause of horrible sinus stuff. It always starts as allergies and then every once in a while it goes into this crap where i can't smell and taste then it goes into an ear. So i decided to try the pot.. So far i can't tell any real difference and it made me throw up on the first nostril causei swallowed some. The second nostril went fine. I didn't see anything out of the oridnary come out of my nose.. in fact i didn't see anything besides water at all.. how many times should i do this before it just isn't working?? any input??

THanks for all the concern and prayers coming our way. We made it thru the hard stuff and we should be fine and quite for awhile. good night

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Anonymous said...

So glad Lilly is doing good. There, that is over, yea. We knew that you would pass your test, congrats. As for the netti pot, or snot pot as we call it. Keep doing it, the salt will dry up the mucus. If you do it daily, you should be able to avoid most of those allergy symptoms. Give our love to the girls. Sandy