Monday, July 19, 2010

home again home again.. jiggity jog.

We made it home again from laughlin. We really had a great time. Lilly had a blast with her friend zane which she calls " jake" . he is 4 but he keeps an eye on her and only bothers her a little bit from time to time.. lol.
We had a great time with a way fun resort. There was gorgeous pools to play in and there was a kids area in the casino where you can drop off your kids for a while. lilly loved that. it had everything a kid could possibly want to play with or do. Huge jungle gym equipment stuff. ball pit, video games, a big huge doll house that i think she really liked to play with.
allan went golfing with his friend jeff and i think they had a really fun time too. Anna and i went and played quite a few sessions of bingo. We ate at a yummy italian restaruant inside the resort. We stayed at two different places but the one we loved is called the AVI resort in laughlin. If anyone needs a cheap good fun vacation go there. They have rooms during the week for like 29 bucks or so. can't beat that. they have boating and skiing and tube rentals cause it backs up to the river. They also had tons of things goign on too. like pool party's with bbq and a band.
Anyway we made it home and we are just going to catch up with the usual routine. I'm doing laundry and i'm goign to start season two of nurse jackie tonight. I don't really recommend the show to anyone. I find humor in it but just because i went to nursing school anyone that isn't a nurse wouldn't really like it.. Allan is off to work. Lilly is taking a little nap still trying to catch up from the weekend. We are getting a big load ready to go to once upon a child. Also getting ready for emma to come see us. I think she is staying from the 21st to the 6th. We are planning a few things. I think a zoo trip cause anna has a season pass and she is goign to let me be the second adult on it and that means i can go anytime i want and take up to 4 kids all for free!! woohoo. So i'm planning on taking emma and lilly while em's here. WE are also going to go to the BIG SURF on monday. This place is awesome. Its a huge water park here. It has a great area for toddlers and some of the pools are covered with cabana's for shade. It's really neat. Lots of slides and the biggest wave pool i have ever seen! it's really awesome. We went last week but i decided i had to go back and take allan and emma too. They run really good deals to like mom's get in free on mondays and if you got later in the day it's like half price but still enough time to have a lot of fun. We also have a friends child's birthday party to go to on saturday. The little girl is turning 1 but lilly and emma are invited cause they have another daughter that's a little older than emma. they get along really well. Oh and i'm going to take emma school shopping while she is here so we havea very busy week coming up but a fun back to school week!! ;-)
hope everyone else is having a great time! We are really enjoying our summer even though it's hot as snot we are having a blast finding all the fun new things to do.

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Sounds like you guys had a good break! Give the girls hugs and kisses from us. Happy 30th Birthday Allan! Hope you have a good one! Love, MOM