Thursday, July 8, 2010

the pressure.. lol

Allan was off today and so i tried not to study too much but to just relax most of the day. I'm not a good one under pressure cause i try not to complain about what's really bothering me and i end up biting allan's head off. So i did that most of the day. Thank you honey for being a good sport. With lillys teeth and my test being so close together well.. i've been feeling the pressure and stress. Plus it's a 110 degrees so that just puts you right in a good mood everyday. lol The nights are great the days are miserable.
We drove out to look at our new house today. We like to keep an eye on it and make sure nothing is happening. Sounds like they may have it ready in sept instead of oct but we are keeping our fingers crossed. The pool was dirty today. Usually it's pretty spotless but i guess the pump broke and they are having it fixed in the next week or two so there are alot of leaves and stuff floating around in there.. We are just glad that it borke before we took ownership and that they are replacing it. !!!
Two of my friends take their NCLEX's tomorrow so i want to send a big GOOD LUCK out to shelly and holly!! kick butt and take names girls! My other friend shelly passed her's this week so a big big CONGRATS out to SHELLY KING RN!!
Tomorrow i plan to do nothing but pick up this apartment a bit and do some laundry then i think i'm going to go have my toes done and maybe play bingo with anna tomorrow night since the guys are taking the kido's to wings and rings then i'll be coming home to try and sleep.. My test is at 4pm so hopefully i'm well rested and don't freak out all day. We drove by the spot where i'm suppose to take it just to make sure i knew how to get there.
Anyway lilly is having a bit of a rough night tonight. She keeps getting tears in her eyes. I think she is scared about sleeping alone in her room tonight. Some nights she has no problems, other nights she tries to stay up as late as she can to get to come to my bed, other nights she just crys and crys until it breaks my heart. I put her in there with allan and decided i would just let both of them fall asleep then move her so that i can get in bed. Allan is so tired tonight i don't think he cares at all he is just happy to be in bed himself and lilly is happy to not be alone so it's working i guess. Hope i don't stir it up when i go in to move her.. lol. good night all

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