Wednesday, July 7, 2010

making mama proud..

Okay i have to brag on my little kido. After i posted that horrible post about her first cuss word i feel like it's only fair that i should tell a nice good bit about her too. lol.. So lilly is just growing up by leaps and bounds right now. Yesterday she talked to my friend meg on the phone. She said " hi meggie, whatcha doing? I'm watching cartoons." The rest was a little bit of jibber jabber but it was cute that she feels comfortable enough to talk to people now. I also took her to daycare yesterday and to my suprise she wanted to go. She was happy to go see her friends and i said ok then i'm going to leave but i'll be back and she said " okay mama see you later" no tears no sad faces nothing.. breaks my heart a little but i'm glad to see her happy there too. When i picked her up from daycare yesterday like everyday she is way happy to see me but she goes back over to her teacher and says bye bye and she always gives them a kiss. I could tell some of them were a little suprised and taken back about wether or not they should kiss her.. ( it doesn't help that she always goes for the lips too) I should probably discourage her kissing everybody but its so innocent and sweet and before long she will be grown up and not wanting to be a sweet loving little girl she will be a teen.. lol. Anyway so afet she gave her kisses all the other kids were outside but one of the teachers came in with us to give me her stuff and she said " lilly is so sweet, she is really the quietest most polite kid i have ever met!" I thought this was an amazing compliment coming from a daycare worker who has probably met tons of kids. So lilly is really making me a proud mama. Oh and i thought i would also include that she is playing so funny now. She has started using her imagination in play. She will hold to things( doesn't matter what, pens, coins, etc) and she will make them havea whole little conversation and act stuff out. Its so cute to hear her playing with things like that.
Anyway tonight is allan's last night and he will be off for three days. I am about to study with my friend meg while lilly is sleeping in. i have two more tests to get thru before i test on saturday. I feel like i'm becoming more calm about it today. I decided that i was just going to get as much done today as i could and then i'm not goign to look at it again till i go test. no point in stressing i either know it or i don't. right?

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The Thorsrud Family said...

We all have our bad days, right along with our good, huh? The good always outweigh the bad! Being a mom is the best/most rewarding/hardest job that God has given us. :0) :0) :0) Especially knowing HOW to go about things. I get a little worried on my methods sometimes and so I picked up a book that I knew would help, since its so recommended by our church. Oh boy, did it ever help. The main point that I got so far, is that we discipline because they need to learn to be submissive towards us, and someday God, and they are to obey their parents. So, we dont discipline because we are mad, or we are also sinning, but because this is what God has called us to do. We also dont want them obeying just because they might get a spanking, but because their heart wants to. (that comes with time) I could just go on and on and on. Anyway, I know how frustrating it can be. Hang in there, pray, and if you need a book, let me know too!