Tuesday, July 6, 2010

four days and counting... yikes!

Am i a big pile of nerves today or what?? i start my mornings immediatly thinking about how many more days i have till my NCLEX test. I have 4. I spend most of the am stresssing about what i need to get done studying that day and how i'm going to do it with a 2 year old running around here all day and dora the explorer blasting in the background of all my thoughts. By the afternoon i have gotten usually one thing studied off the list and i feel burned out and i take a break. In the evening after i get allan off to work i study until i just can't think about things anymore and my test scores start to show it so i make myself quite and i go to bed usually around midnight or 1. repeat the next day.. lol but thank god there is only 4 more days of this.
on a different not i' would like to share a lilly story with you..
YOu can judge if you want to and say what a bad parent or whatever but i'll warn you ahead of time you better keep it to yourself! lol.. i don't care what you think about my parenting tactics, they work for us and everyone out there that has kids could do things differently... so could I but i'm probably not going to.. with that said here is my story..
Like i said in the above paragraphs i took a break in the afternoon to get myself and lilly out of the house away from all study stuff and out so allan could sleep without hearing us running around. So we went out for a late lunch just the two of us girls and then we were goign to do some shopping for sandals. We went to a baja fresh restaruant to eat. Those of you not familiar with it .. well it's like a rubios.. well like a fancier fast food place. This one happened to be in a very fancy part of a huge "for the rich" shopping center. That didn't stop us. We went in and since it was about 130 it was the end of the lunch rush but still had a good supply of customers in there eating. We ordered and they gave lilly a juice box.( yes she isn't suppose to have juice but i made an exception for lunch cause it was that or coke) Anyway lilly has some trouble with the juice boxes or capri suns. She just can't figure out that if you squeeze them they will spray your juice everywhere. So she had to wipe off her immediate area about 3 ties while we sat there but its was just drops of juice not a lot. WEll we finished and she had been such a good girl and i swear people just love this kid they watch her and talk to her everywhere we go.. complete strangers. So i had seen several eyes watching in our direction thru out lunch. Anyway we went to go throw our tray away and i did then lilly wanted to show her independence and throw her juice away. I liked that idea cause i didn't want it spraying in the car. So she held the trash can open and went to put her juice in and i blinked but when my eyelids opened i saw that she was spraying juice all over her head and down her arms and well everywhere. This is not what made me laugh immediatly because i should have expected this and well i was thinking "crap i have to clean this up." The thing that made me stop in my tracks was she decided that this moment right here was the exact time she wanted to test out her first cuss word ever. She yelled out with the eyes still watching us " sheet" . which meant " shit" for all of you that don't speak lilly and couldn't guess. so I had grabbed her and started using a napkin on everything wet and i said instictively " what did you say?" which was stupid for asking because of course she said it again even louder while people were looking. I was so blown away that all i could do was giggle and i couldn't get control of my " our in trouble" mom face to tell her not to say that ever. lol.. I finally did but that just made her want to say it about five more times because she is an out of control two year old who i may never take into public again. HAHA

Okay on a different note.. Allan is turning 30 on the 21st. Yep my honey bun is getting old but i'm nto cause i'm still 29 this year. lol We decided to make a big deal out of 30 and we planned a laughlin nevada trip with our friends anna and jeff. WE are taking lilly and their kid zane to go stay at a hotel for 2 nights. They have casino's with bingo for us girls, a million yummy restaruants, a beach with jet ski rentals, golf for the boys, a bowling alley and did i mention they have like a state of the art childcare facility for when we want to put the kids in there, all you have to do is stay in their casino or spots so that they can page you if they need you. So we are excited to go visit laughlin. IT's like a mini vegas i guess but it has a beach at the casino which is neat.
okay off to start my morning ritual of studying i guess.

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The Mason Bunch said...

I love the Lilly story. Too funny! Be expecting more, 'cause it just gets better. LOL!

Love ya and have a wonderful time in NV.