Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well I haven't been staying up on blogging. I think if i get a weekly one in then i'm doing fairly well. Today lilly and I wrapped more presents. We started a box for her cousins that live in north dakota. We are still waiting for a couple of their presents to get here in the mail then we will be able to ship it out. I have a christmas room going on right now though. I want to get it done so i don't have to rush around crazy in dec. We are going on a big trip to texas so I just want to be able to relax and enjoy it and know that all the christmas stuff is done for when we get home. I still want to see some snow this year so we might head up and get a cabin in feb when allan is home just for a weekend family trip. I also would like to go see my dad so I might do that in feb . When allan is home in april I doubt i will be wanting to go and run much since i will be about 8 months pregnant by then. I start cooling my jets around that time I think and then we don't start doing much until the baby is about 5 or 6 months old. I just like to adjust to a new family member and be still and quiet. Plus I hate packing for baby stuff and until 5 or 6 months they are so little and they need everything which just makes traveling a big pain unless your driving. Now once they start being crawlers and get a little bigger I 'm totally okay with going again. Anyway, so that last feb trip to see the snow is probably the last one we will take till maybe this time next year. I'm tired of being at home and I want to get out and do stuff right now though. I can't wait for allan to get here so we can head to texas and well just cause I miss him. Lilly has made a little list of things she wants him to get done for her. I guess it's a "fix it" list. she thinks that only daddy knows how to fix things that have broke. She told me that he is smart and he would fix her bike bell. lol.. so now she has a few things on her little list for daddy to fix when he gets home.
We are picking up emma today from school. In fact I better get going soon. She is just coming over for a little while today cause i have to work tomorrow and she has school but i think it helps her mom out if i pick her up on her early days. I think she has an early out day monthly on a wed. It's not too bad and nice to get to see her. Lilly has asked me about 20 times to go get her today and i keep saying "not yet". Well it is finally time so I guess I'll wrap this up for now and write more later

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Anonymous said...

Emma has been begging to see snow. She just wants to visit it though LOL...and yes it definitely helps when you guys pick her up on her early days. She loves seeing you guys too. :)