Monday, November 7, 2011

have you used one of these ever??

Hello! So yes this morning I tried an intelligender test. I have to say it was just for fun. We have every intention to get an ultrasound and see what the baby is for real. We aren't going by this test. We are not painting the nursery blue or anything. But I thought it would be fun just to see. I think as soon as your pregnant most women want to know what they are having so It would be neat if these tests really could work. With that being said they don't have the best reviews alot of false positive boys but not as many false positive girls. So we aren't holding our breathe over here. But has anyone else taken one? I'd love to hear if it was right or wrong or what.. ;-)
I posted on facebook to see on there if any one has. I have alot more friends or followers on facebook so I thought I might get more answers over there. Jenn you should get autumn one for her baby shower for fun. ;-)
Have a great day! Gotta go do some homework...booo hisss


Anonymous said...

where did you get it?

Nicolle said...

I have never seen or heard of those. Interesting! I heard something about a pencil test, with a string tied to it....but I couldn't even tell you much about that. We didn't find out with Boyd, so I guess none of that ever crossed my mind. :)

The Keyes Family said...

Walgreens is where I got it but you can buy it online for cheap and there are different brands. The ones at walgreens were expensive but I had a coupon.