Friday, November 4, 2011

baby update

WEll we are at week 11. Today I had an apt for another ultrasound. IT was a girl that i hadn't met before. She seemed a little flustered and well i had to tellher we were looking for a bleed and she started measuring something on the other side and i told her that the last two times they measured the other side and she laughed and said that sometimes vessels can look like bleeds.. well i'm a nurse but really i never look at ultrasounds in my line of work but i have even come to know what this little bleed looks like and i was pretty sure it looked smaller to me.. anyway she finally measured something that i thought was the bleed. I got no good pictures of the baby however. It was moving and fiesty in there. So i waited for the doctor and She told me that the bleed has decreased. it went from 1.6x 1cm to 1.3x 0.8. so it's getting smaller. ( happy face here) however she told me that we will wait until 18 weeks to check it again and she thinks that it should be gone completely by that point. That's in 7 weeks.. she put me on pelvic rest till then. I'm not a happy camper but at least it's not bed rest which would drive me insane. Oh and at 18 weeks she is sure that we will be able to tell the sex. I hope so other than that STill same instructions not to lift and ect. I go back in 4 weeks for a regular check up and I think i'm going to see if they will just check for the bleed then. I want to be done with it. I don't want to take it easy for so long.. it's driving me nuts. lol.. anyway, she also said that my labs were all great. THE VA had tested for everything i mean everything blood levels are good, they tested all stds even HIV and negative for everything.. ( weewhh i was worried.. that's my sarcastic sense of humor coming out) No abnormal protiens in my pee or anything. They said even though I had gestational diabetes last time that i still didn't need to get the sugar test until around 24-28 weeks. I'm glad i hate that thing. I may check my sugar tomorrow at work just to see what it is. Yes i'm going to work tomorrow. It's a saturday and i'm sure it will be slow so i'm okay with it. Plus everyone I work with knows I can't lift so everyone is protective of me. It's a little funny. But I'm happy for the extra help. Usually I have to go hunt down some extra help from the nursing aides but now they are right around to help. It's cute. okay gotta go.

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The Mason Bunch said...

I'm glad to hear the good news.