Wednesday, November 9, 2011

christmas shopping..

Yes today I did some christmas shopping. I should of done some for the out of towners that we send gifts to but I didn't I only started with my own family. It was fun though. I started on ebay and found some good deals on items that i had been looking for. There are a few more kid items that i'm going to have to research up.
After I got done with ebay I went to explore another store or two in town and found more good gifts so I loaded up. Lilly i'm sure thought it was christmas already . LOL.. i'm sure she will forget what she saw if she hasn't already. She found an adorable hat that i let her wear and people kept commenting on her all day. She did look so cute in it. I will take a picture next time i see her in it.
I left her over at moms so that i could have some alone time. I first came home and wrapped a dozen presents and ordered pizza. It was fun to be home alone and do my own thing. So that is what i did. Then the fun was over. I started on a paper for my stupid final. It is sooo long. 10 pages of crap. that's long to me. I can write a 2 or 3 page paper no problem but I don't have the hot air to go on and on with a topic. I have already said all i want to in the first page or two. I tend to just get things out quickly and be done with it. So I have been reading and highlighting quotes for the last hour or so. Now i'm tired of that. I have to work tomorrow. I was suppose to work today but my friend worked for me but she got sick today so now i have to work for her tomorrow. So I guess I will. .. boo. Cuts into my final writing time. I'm not sure which one i'm enjoying more. LOL. so for now I'm going to go look at my christmas presents cause it brings a smile to my face and forget about all the other crap. Then it's off to a hot bath and bed. I'm tired. nighty nite!

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