Friday, November 18, 2011

is this plant real?

Okay seriously I'm starting to wonder if i have an everblooming hibiscus. This thing was planted in early or mid april and it was blooming then but only about a 3rd of the size probably. Well it's thanksgiving week and the thing is still blooming. It has flowers on it but it also has a ton of buds. I think it might bloom all year. lol.. I love it and I think I'm going to have to plant like 5 more in other colors to see if i can have the same luck with them.
On a different note, Lilly and I went out to dinner with Jenn and Emma tonight. I told lilly that we were meeting some friends. When we walked in i was expecting her to immediately see emma but we walked down the line of tables and she stopped at the first random table who had a kid at it and surpised the boy sitting there lol. She pointed at him ( with her middle finger which is her habit now) and i think she was telling me that she found our friends. LOL. Emma ran and hound her right before I had to open my mouth to explain my kids confusion. They were very happy sisters to see each other. Emma wanted to either come over or have lilly come stay with her but I have to work and Lilly told emma she was too scared to go and that she would when she gets bigger.
So now lilly and I are home on this friday night. I'm already in my jammies contemplating trying to write yet another nursing paper ( yes I know it never ends.. but the light at the end of the tunnel is there cause it's my last class). Anyway, I guess i'll go check on lilly and see if i can type some of this paper up before I have to go to bed.
good night

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