Tuesday, March 1, 2011

6 days off coming up..

yes after wed i get y days off in a row. i cant wait. i have so much to catch up on. we have to take the car in to get smog checked and renew the tags. im glad we can do two years at a time cause getting tags is on my top ten hated things to do list. haha. i also need to take allans truck in but we are waiting till we have a day off together cause it will probably be thwew the whole day and nobody wants to sit and wait there. friday night we are going to get emma from her momma. lilly is excited as usual. she loves when people come see her. on saturday we are going to meet back up with jenn and try to have a little girls outing. i want to get both girls stocked up on some new outfits and sock and underroos all that jazz. we plan on going to once upon a child. sometimes i can find things there and sometimes i cant but they opened one closer to our house so i figure we can check it out first to see if we can find any deals. my mom is still hunting for some treasures for her and aaarons place so she might come to because there is a goodwill next door with a household section so she is gonna see what treasures she can find there. we have plans of maybe having lunch at texas roadhouse that day. yummos! then i imagine im gonna have to do some homework. i only took one class this time and so far that seemsto be a good decision. i really like my new job and it is interesting and im learning tons. they really like me too. they have hired some other people but i was the only new grad they hired and apparently they werent beating that i would stay or be any good.. well so far im the only one that hasnt gotten totally overwhelmed or quit or been completely lost. in fact im doing quite well and the boss has told me a few times that she is so plesantly suprised that she was wrong. so im about to go into work and see whats in store for today. ill write more on my days off coming up..

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