Friday, March 4, 2011

busy birds.

I'm on my 6 days off! i'm so excited to be getting things done around here. We are picking up emma tonight and then having a girls day of shopping for needed items tomorrow with jenn. Should be fun. Lilly has already decided that she wants purple shoes. Isn't it funny how they get something stuck in their little heads. I think if i kept asking for purple shoes someone would decide that i needed help. ;-) So i'm interested to see what is on emma's list of items. HAHA.
Today we are goign to get tags for the car and an oil change. I'm also goign to go look for cushions for the back porch. The ones we have a horrible now. So beat up from just being in the arizona sun for three years i guess. Anyway I have been trying to figure these cushions out for awhile. I was going to have them redone by someone but the fabric alone is so expensive that i thought i should just look at new ones. I found some i liked at walmart but they didn't have enough of them or a long one for the chaise/lounge chair. So the hunt will continue today. I'm goign to check out the patio store and homedepot and lowes till i find something i like! I want something in red because the yard itself is so drab right now.. it needs color back there. if i can't do red i will do a bright blue i think. Anyway yesterday was spent getting a smog check and grocery shopping and playing with lilly. Anyway i'll try to post some pictures when i get the time to take some. see you all.

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