Sunday, March 20, 2011

things that are growing around here..

this is a star jasmine bush that has taken off this last few months. i can't wait till it blooms something wonderful.
my new imported bougevilla ( spelling?) it should turn into a huge bush soon.

my potted flowers lilly helps me plant and water.

this is my bird of paradise that is not doing so well because rocky keeps attacking it and tearing all the leaves off.. stupid dog!


my two new honeysuckles. i want them to drown that back fence .. someday..

my lovely hibiscus. i love this flower. makes me feel tropical. so i planted another one after i got this one but the second one isn't doing as well.

the second one.. i think it might of had too much water cause it's leaves have this yellow color going on now..?? any help?


The Mason Bunch said...

pretty! I love Spring!

Sandy Keyes said...

For the little sick plant, pinch off the yellowing leaves, and give all your new plants a shot of fertilizer. I don't think watering is the issue, just need some fertilizer. Love, Sandy

Sandy Keyes said...

For the plant that the dog is attacking, sprinkle ( very lightly) Cheyenne Pepper or any hot pepper sauce on the leaves of the plant or on the ground if he is digging around it. That should stop him! HA! Love, Sandy