Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ahh the weather outside is so not freightful!!

it is absolutely gorgeous outside right now. i have been plugging things in out in my yard. so far i planted a hibiscus that is doing wonderful. its lipstick red and so pretty. it has like five gorgeous blooms on it right now. i also planted a bogivilla. which im sure i didnt spell that right at all but it is covered in pink already. i have a couple pots that i planted marigolds in that are doing ok and ive been pruning already. today i picked up a big bird of paradise and allan helped me dig a giant hole to plop that in out by the pool. i also pink up to small honeysuckle plants to start climbing out on the back fence. im hoping to cover that thing within a year or two.. haha. allan and i both really love honeysuckle. i saw something that im drooling over now. it was a pink jasmine climber. i smelled it before i even saw it and the smell it puts off is wonderfuls so im going to have to get the truck to load up one of thos the next time i go and get some trellis to start it off good. anyway other than planting and playing in the yard we havent been up to too much. tickin away at school work and playing with lilly. she is really enjoying watering everything in the yard. we are getting ready for emmas spring break and allans parents visit. we plan to bbq with some friends tomorrow night and then its back to work i go.

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Anonymous said...

I wanna see pictures of the pretty plants :)