Friday, March 25, 2011

getting ready for company

allans parents are coming in tomorrow from wyoming. they should be here by evening time im guessing. so today we are trying to get homework done and finish up a few projects around the house. allan went to pick up miss emma in gila bend so me and lilly are outside enjoying some sunshine and planting a few more flowers in pots. its gorgeous outside. thats why this post has no capitals and probably a few spelling errors. im typing on my cell phone so i can stay outside and push lilly in here swing. we are going in in a few minutes for a nap and homework... yuck. its in the high 70s and has the best breeze today. i dont want to go in at all. tonight will be finishing laundry and hopefully watching a little wildcat basketball. go uk! i dont really think they are going to beat ohio but things can happen so who knows. anyway thats whats going on in our knick of the woods.

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