Thursday, February 24, 2011

getting things done..

yes today is my off day and tomorrow too. i finished both of my classes yesterday and got one b and one a. i also started a new class today. trying to get these last eight classes done. i woke up this morning at my moms house . me and lilly spent the night there cause we were exhausted after our midnight run to walmart.. it wasnt midnight but felt like it. lol see the picture above. so this morning aaron followed me over to the vw dealers so that my car could get worked on again. the engine light came on and something apparently was wrong with the turbo so its covered under warranty and going to be fixed by tonight thank goodness. the car was running fine but i took it in anyway since i didnt want it to be a big deal later. so now we are at breakfast and im typing on my phone and lilly just came back with a baby from the consignment store next door. she begged for a 25 dollar baby at walmart and i said no so mom found her that one for 3 dollars. lol happy as a lark right now with the cheaper baby.

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