Friday, February 11, 2011

busy as a bee as always

im sorry i havent been posting and im actually posting from my phone right now as i wait in gila bend for emma and her mom to meet me. yes we get emma this weekend and lilly is tons of excited.
my interview today didnt go so well. i interviewed for a job as a telemetry nurse. this is what i think i would like to be when i grow up someday.. haha. they said they would call me for a second interview but im really not holding my breath. they asked me one technical question about a "bubble test" and i told them i didnt know what a bubble test was... umm yeah apparently i was nervous because not only do i know what a bubble test is but ive seen one done and i can explain it in detail.. yeah ding dong.
so i took a break in the middle of this post and now im at home. lilly and emma got ice cream from baskin robbins. they ate a few bites and then decided to save it till tomorrow cause they want to go play. its bath time and bedtime here now so im signing off.


The Mason Bunch said...

I'm so sorry. I've done that before, because you want something so bad. It's like your brain decides to put the "Out to Lunch" sign in your head, not a good time. Hang in there and remember God is in control. He will place you in your dream job when it's the right time.


your friends the keyes said...

thanks mirya.
I"m actually okay with it. I didn't even know if i really wanted to go to the interview because I already took a job that i am really liking. I would of had to take a pay cut to accept this other job and work nights too so i'm fine with where i am. I really do like it and the people that i work with are great so far so that helps a ton too. ;-) we miss you all. hope everyone is well.