Sunday, June 26, 2011

we are burning up

Yes its true. It is 97 degress and 11pm right now. Hot! Its been over 110 like everyday for at least the last week. Coming from wyoming where it seemed we had no nice weather. Well there was like 2 or 3 months of decent weather and then the reast was windy and cold and snowy usually. I feel like I should not complain. It is scalding hot but we stay in the ac during this time or if we do go out it is to swim or do something with water involved. So these are our bad montys right now. I'm looking forward to fall again when its perfect nike weather and cool enough to take the girls to the park without wondering if they are going to get 3rd degree burns from the slides. Lol.
On a different note allan got another new schedule at work. He really pushed to get this new schedule and it finally goes into affect on the 10th of july. He is happy. He will be working swing shift again but he will get 7 days off straight every month. Other days too but every month he gets a week off in a row. Which means we can plan lots of vacations now. Well if my job will let me off during the same time. We may have to reschedule our vacation we were hoping to take in july though. Postpone it a month or two.. or just go visit his family in wyoming later in the fall like we had originally thought about doing. Who knows yet but he is happy with the new schedule and it let's us have new possibilities with vacations. Anyway I gotta hit the hay more tomorrow.

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