Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tuesday morning.. or why am i dragging?

its tuesday am and about 5am right now. im up and getting ready to head out to work again. i like my job but man at 5am i am dragging. lilly has been cute. i just wanted to come in and go straight to bed but she wanted to play a little. she ran with rocky in the yard and ended up getting mudd on one leg.she was so fuuny cause she was sure it was dog ppoop.. and she was not happy about it. she went upstairs and told her dada " look dad i got poop on my leg" but it was in this tiny little irate voice. like she just could not believe her own bad luck. haha so we dumped her in the bathtub and i crawled into bed. i sat there listening to her play in the tub. i love the sound of my little munchkin happy and playing with her own imagination. allan did some homework. he is about two weeks away from finishing his degree. however this stupid school chose to tell him now that they dont have the official transcripts from his other school and they have to have them of course cause he transferred like 5 classes in so sounds like some extra paperwork that should have been done before they let him do basically his whole degree. we have a busy weekend coming up. we are having emmas party, i still nee to go get her presents. im such a procrastinator now.life is just busy i guess. we are also going to try to go to a waterpark with niki (a nurse i work with)and her family. she has a little boy a little smaller than lilly and her husband. our familys havent met but she is my favorite nurse at work and we call each other all the time so it will be fun to get the familys together. anyway i gotta get to work.)

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