Monday, June 20, 2011

slip and slide..

This is how we spent our evening. We had a light supper and went out back to the green belt. Talked with our neighbors who have chickens and they gave us a sack of homegrown tomatoes. It was a nice night. The girls had a blast. This is one of the things emma bought with her target gift cards from her grandma sandy and Aunt liz.( if your reading this we tried to call you guys today so she could say thank you. give us a call sometime so she can tell you all about it.) She also bought a dress she really loved, a piggy bank( yes this was my suggestion), and the board game battle ship which her and allan already played. So thank you guys!

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Jenn said...

Awww my little shopper! Slip and slides are awesome and the grass behind your house is the perfect place for it. Good suggestion on the piggy bank for your house. Now she has one in both places :) We are gonna make this girl a saver LOL I can't wait to see the dress she picked. Oh and tell her I want to play her in battleship one of these days LOL