Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation.. sheww i need one!

WEll I was suppose to be working today but they needed to watch a new nurse do iv's so i took off so she could work and get it over with. Mainly I have a ton of school work that i want to get done because i've been procrastinating on it and the class is over in a couple more weeks so i want to finish it early and be done so i can enjoy time with my family over the next few weeks. I'm going to conquer a few papers tonight when allan goes in to work. So today i'm taking my little mini me to the store to get emma's bday presents because we have been procrastinating on that also. Lilly is so excited about emma coming over and having a birthday party. fun fun!
So back to vacation stuff. WE are thinking about taking off in july at the end of july. Allan can take 4 days off and end up having 12 in a row off. I am not that lucky but i asked for the week off and they basically said that was fine not a big deal. I was worried cause they have said that no one can take off during our state inspection window but it's been draggin on and on and i heard rumors that state is running like 3 months behind and having to pay fines so who knows when they will come. geezzz.. But i have been bascially helping out and working or not working whenever they need me. I've done quite a few saturdays or sundays so i guess they were okay with letting me off .. i mean i gave them a month and a half notice and it's not even paid time off i'm asking for.. lol. So allan is going to put in for his time off later this week and then we will start planning something. WE have already started thinking about it. Allan really wants to take us up to North Dakota. He wants us to see the state he grew up in and show us his old hometown. He has wanted to for a long time. We would also like to see his sister that is up there and let all the kiddo's play together. Liz has a beautiful home on a big plot of land with tons of fruit trees and bushes and she is growing a big garden and raising chickens.. so of course the kids would love to go check that out! lol.It sounds wonderful. However, it may be too hard to get all the details together for that trip. So if that's the case then we might go visit my family in texas. It has been at least two years since we went there. Lilly has gotten big and well i hate putting off trips to see my grandparents cause you just never know what might happen. ;-( I don't want to have regrets later that i should of went there more. Plus they live on the bay in rockport texas. The ducks come and peck on their sliding glass door in the morning wanting their duck food. It's a very pretty place and you can crab off their back porch and take rides in the canoe which i think the girls woul just love to do all this stuff. Plus my grandpa has a sailboat in the harbor there and the beaches have playgrounds so really ND or TX would be great. ;-) All I know is that i need a vacation and we are gonna take one soon. Allan is finished with his class so we are awaiting his degree. He turned in all the paperwork and sheww that was a long process with starting and stopping and moving and raising kids all in between so he finally has everything done time to celebrate with a vacation! Anyway anyone else taking any fun vacations this year?

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