Sunday, June 19, 2011

dad's day

Father's Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy fathers day to all the daddy's out there. We celebrated father's day a little early cause allan has to work tonight. We took him shopping for some much needed clothes the other day. He is such a good father to our kids and a grea husband. He rarely buys himself anything so we all went to the mall in honor of him and let him try on clothes till his heart was content. He hasn't went clothes shopping in so long he didn't even know where to look for clothes. It doesn't help that he is a weird size apparently. He is tall and his waist is skinny but he has big thighs so pants are hard to fit. They are all made for like short chunky men or tall but chunky men or skinny boys. lol seriously the skinny jeans on men disgust me a bit. Anyway that was a weird random tangent.. okay so back to allan. He brought the girls donuts home this morning and they snuck down the stairs and told him happy fathers day. It was very cute.
I plan on calling my daddy'os this morning sometime. Has everyone called or visited theirs? Does anyone have a special tradtion they like to do?

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