Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's totally official.. lol

Yep I'm definetly leaning towards being an OR nurse. Today i started at the new hospital here in town. I really can't say enough great things about this place. If any one of my family members has any problems we will for sure go to this one. All the rooms are private rooms. The nursing/patient ratio is 1 to 4. It's so clean. We had lunch in their cafeteria and i usually hate hospital food. WEll they had lasagna and salad and foccia bread. It was fantastic. They also had rice crispy treats for desert and i have to tell you it was fantastic like someone made it at home. Getting back to the OR part. I was able to go in and see a back surgery today and it was great. I was so impressed with the level of care and what all the OR nurses do in there. I think that i have picked a field.. Now i need to graduate and find a jobbie job. lol.. I'm telling you it was awesome. I didn't know if i would have the stomach to actually look in the incision and see someone's inside. Well i did after a little bit and that was totally eye opening. lol. I was so impressed with the staff out there. Anyway i'm sure i'll talk more about this later but lilly is throwing a fit right now. She hasn't had a nap at all today so she is worn out and in turn is wearing me out.

Monday, March 30, 2009

What a busy weekend.

We got alot done. Not everything we wanted to get done but alot. We got a bunch of stuff for the yard. As soon as the snow goes away I'm going to have to get out there. I bought a few a sheperds hooks for birdhouses and flowers. We have no trees in our yard except the little one out front so i thought the hooks might work. My tomatoes that i'm growing inside are really taking off. I'm excited. I hope they can make the transition outside later. I joined curves and I have been going 3 times a week. Well this is my second week coming up. Mom joined too so we are oging together. Anyway Im in my pharm class so i better pay attention. I'll write more later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I told you it was snowing up here.. lol

Happy Birthday Liz!

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Just wanted to wish my sister in law a very happy snowy birthday. Hope you have a restful one!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lilly is playing mommy now..

Yes here are some pictures of lilly pushing her baby in the stroller. She is so funny with her little doll who's name is " baby." Buddah tried to bite baby's leg and lilly chewed him out good. lol.. We are busy today. Everyone is still fighting the cough and sniffles but trying to enjoy this 70 degree day. WE have been in the yard most of the morning. We dumped some dirt and are straightening out our yard in front. We have to plant some grass over it but it's is suppose to snow this week so i'll do it after the snow. We dug up our window wells and straightened them out too. Ithink we may go out and shoot our guns today. I have a bit of running around to do also. Next week is our big math test. So say a little prayer for me and the other girls if you think about it. It's on wed and if we don't pass it you are kicked out of the program. YIKEs.. I think i will do fine but i have a few friends that i'm wondering how they will do.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go Louisville!!

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This is the team i'm rooting for. Their coach was UK's coach for a long time during our winning streaks and i think they could do it. He has been their building up this team for a a while now so i won't discount them!!!

It's been a long day..

Today i had clinicals and i had to miss half a day. I was so worn out and just coughing all over people so i decided to go home half way thru the day. Mom and lilly were happy to see me come home early. It didn't do me much good cause lilly wanted to play. I have no idea where she got her energy but she didn't take a nap all day till 4pm. She woke up at 630 am so that was a little unusual for her. She has so many teeth coming in right now though. I picked up some baby popsicles for her. Liz suggested some little ones called mighty bites or something like that. They are little and they have something in them that make them melt slower so they are a little less messy. I"m goign to try her on one tomorrow and see how that goes. Allan is trying to get her to go to bed right now. We had a grocery run at 830pm. I decided that would be a great time to go always. I was in and out of the superwalmart in no time flat. No lines.. it was great! We are both doing our march madness brackets. I"m excited that a few different teams made it in. Allan is excited that North Dakota state made it in. Anyway i hear lilly crying so i better go check in on them.

Friday, March 13, 2009

pictures on the photosite

There are a ton more pictures on the photosite. We had such a good time. IT was pretty the whole time. It rained the day we left but that was fine by us. Lilly had a great time with her cousins. I enjoyed seeing all of our family. We have talked about d.d. and opa coming up here for a visit. We are really hoping that you all can make it up here soon. That would be great! Thanks for having us. We sure did enjoy the time with you all and the wonderful texas state again!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are enjoying the weather..

We are having so much fun in texas. The weatehr has been wonderful. I'd say close to 80's everyday. We went sailing today and have been out in the kayak a few times. Lilly got a baby pool for out in the yard and she had so much fun. I haven't downloaded any pictures yet. I"ll do that when i get home on friday. D.D. just got home with some fried chicken so off to lunch i go.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Training a child in the path they should choose it hardwork!..


I found the above website today and was reading it over. I"m going to post a little bit of what it says below and i'd love to hear what everyone else with kids thinks about this site.. i find myself just in awe lately of the tantrums lilly is throwing and a little out of sorts with what i should exactly do about it. I mean of course i don't want a bratty little kid that thinks she gets her own way all the time or she will sit down and throw her whole body around while screaming.. but righ tnow that is what i have on my hands. Yesterday i made her go to her bed and cry it out for a while. I"m not sure she even got the point but the thing is i worked so hard getting her to transition smoothly to her big girl bed that i don't want to ruin it by having her have to stay there for punishment but there isn't anywhere else she will stay. Anyway here is what this website says.. it says alot and it was interesting to read but i'll let youcheck it out on your own..

Once there was a world famous king. He had everything he could ever have asked for. He had power; he even had peace. On top of all that he was a profound philosopher known for his writings and wise sayings. People took tours from around the world just to see how great his kingdom was. There was just one problem. Although he excelled in just about everything, there was one area he didn't master. The downfall of his kingdom came within the next generation just because he didn't exercise self-control in that one area.

Self-control is all important. If a person lacks self-control in only one area of his life it can bring his marriage or family down. Whether it is gambling, immorality, anger or stealing, any of these areas that are out of control will control him. Destruction follows. King Solomon's willingness to disobey God in the one area of sensuality caused the kingdom to be torn in two. Two verses in scripture remind us of that of self-control is essential.

A city that is broken into and without walls
is a man who has no control over his spirit. (Proverbs 25:28)

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,
And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city. (Proverbs 16:32)

The heart of the issue is "Who is leading whom?" Either we will train our children to be self-controlled or we will train them to be demanding and self-centered. We can ask a different set of questions to help us see this more clearly. Is the child setting the schedule and demanding things go his own way? Or is the parent, (appointed by God) leading the child, setting the daily routine? Do you as a parent require that your child conform to your desires? Or do you allow him to rule your time with his desires?

In order to effectively develop self-control in our children, we need to set up good routines and develop a flexible schedule. We must take the time and initiative to train them to comply with the routine. The repetition of routines goes a long way toward building up confidence, experience and acceptance of what needs to be done in life. The very patterns that they are familiar with will become the same patterns that they will naturally adopt for their own, as they get older.

In the last chapter we looked at several important general principles for how to train our children. In this chapter we will look specific training steps, illustrated by example. We will also develop routines and schedules and show how they all support and reinforce one another.

A. Effective Training
Self-control or self-discipline is developed by lots of repetitive training. The most important area to tackle first is the child's response to his parent's word or instruction. When the parent speaks, the child should obey. If we start when our babies are but tiny little infants, they will know no other alternative. This resolves much of the parents and child's frustration. In any case, the training takes time and repetition.

Many parents fight against the idea that a child must always obey his parents. Or somehow they do not understand it is an obedience issue. Perhaps they think that they love the child by tolerating his bad behavior. They think that somehow this pressure will hurt the child. In fact, the opposite is true. Let's assume that almost all parents will instruct their child in some things. Most parents are unsuccessful in training because they are inconsistent; they don't always carry through to compel their child to obey each instruction or command that they give.

They tell them to do something, "Come here" but allow the child to run the other way sometimes, even thinking it is 'cute'. Disobedience is never cute. Every time the parents are inconsistent, they send a mixed message to their child. Inconsistency in making them obey communicates that obedience is not that important. So the child disobeys more. This in turn causes more disobedience, more chastisement and a longer time to train the child. The caring parent can avoid this by being absolutely consistent. Be true to your word. Mean what you say and say what you men. It might help the parent to view this 'half-baked' child training as disobedience training.

The earlier a parent starts training the child, the better. We should think about training as something that is always going on. From our child's earliest days, we will always be training them one way or another. If we establish our routines early on, then we can have a relatively peaceful and quiet home, a home where parents have wonderful relationships with their child.

Wrong training early in life greatly influences behavioral problems later on. We will trace pattern of early baby cries through to the toddler stage.
Rockport TX Pictures, Images and Photos

woohoo i'm so excited about our upcoming trip. I've been working on getting everything tied up. Bags packed, carseat in, truck cleaned out, tickets printed, food for allan while i'm gone, etc etc..
So rockport texas here we come!! one more test tomorrow and we are on our way sat morning unless it starts snowing a load then we will leave friday night! i can't wait to see lilly in some pretty sundresses and sandals.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

happy birthday sandy!

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Just wanted to send a happy birthday to allan's mom, Sandy! Hope tomorrow is great for you and that you and wade have fun celebrating.

Monday, March 2, 2009

lilly's new couch..

Here is a picture of lilly's new couch. She slept in her bed okay last night. She cried out a few times in the night but she didn't sleep all thru the night in her crib either really. She was doing it more often but not allthe time.. oh well i think the first night in her new bed went okay. She woke up and went and crawled right on her new couch with her baby. I covered both of them up and here are the pictres. She looks funny cause it was dark in the house and the flash kept startling her. lol.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's been a busy one around here today. We bought a new gun this weekend. Allan has wanted a hand gun and since no one really knows for sure what is to come with this new president and gun control or whatever we decided to get one. We took it out and shot it today. It was fun. We also shot my little 22. Allan got a 45. We had fun doing that. We cleaned i think every inch of the house this weekend. We also put up lilly's jumper and got her a little dora couch that she seems to like. We also put her crib away and got her toddler bed all set up. She is sleeping in it right now. She is getting to be big girl. She of course fell off her bed head first. Allan and I were both standing right there and neither one of us went to catch her. I guess we both figured she was going to have to learn the hard way not the jump and dive off of it. She cried for a minute but luckily those thing aren't very high off the ground so it wasn't that bad. We put her down for her nap and she was so tired. We thought for sure she would get up a million times but she didn't She stayed right there drinking her bottle. She eventually feel asleep. She still has all the same blankents that were in her crib and her animals that she sleeps with so i think that comforted her. She has been asleep for almost an hour. It's 5pm though so i'm going to have to go wake her up soon so she doesn't sleep the whole night thru. I did one o f my midterms that was online. I got a 96 for it. IT was my Pharmacology class. I think i will have an A in there. The other class i will probably end up with a B in but that's okay for midway thru this semester. Spring break is next week. We leave for Texas on Saturday. I have gotten some little outfits for lilly. Just a couple little dresses in 12 months. She hasn't quite made it to the 18 month clothes yet so i just got a couple things for texas. Some sandals for her too. They are so cute. I can't wait for summer now. Mom had a good time at her retreat and feelslike she made some good friends at church. I'm glad cause she needs some good girlfriends here. Friends can make all the difference in a new place. I'm sure having aaron and I close to her is a comfort but it's not the same as having some of your own friends to talk to about things.
Anyway I'm going to go get ready for dinner. I think allan and I are going to on the border tonight. yummy. I love that place. ;-)