Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank you lord for magic erasers and spankings!

If you feel like doing me a favor.. pray for me that i don't explode on certain people today.. I'm having a very rough day. I think i need osme guidance on how to go about a certain problem i'm having so pray that i do the right thing even though other people aren't. It's been a frustrating morning. I think i really need christmas break to come on so i can get the bad taste i have for school out of my mouth. Its a stressful time right now so that may be some of the problem . I don't know.
Allan is leaving for montana on wed. I'm not sure how many days he will be gone. Lilly is doing really good. Spitting out new words all the time. The carpet people still haven't called me so i'm beinging to get frustrated with them again. My house is a wreck cause i never have time to clean right now. oh it could go on and on but i'm striving to keep a smile and not curl up and cry or cuss right now. lol.. or laugh uncontrollably.

Oh lilly just made my day even better.. she wrote with marker all down the hall. That's great!! Thank god for magic erasers and spankings!!


The Thorsrud Family said...

Take the day a minute or hour at a time! It will end! Thank God days cant go on forever and we have time to rest. He was smart when he designed our day :0)

Jennifer said...

Emma has done that...Red marker down a white wall...that was loads of fun!

Sandy said...

Breath! I promise it will be better day tomorrow. Sorry but I found the marker on the walls cute, just a Grandma's prospective. LOL!