Friday, December 11, 2009

So my breathing has been weird.. lol

Yes its goes from deep breathing to fast panicky.. lol. I"m kidding. I am " breathing" a little bit easier because i have no more classes till wed when i take my final exam. I finished my microbiology class with an A or a B. I just took the last normal test for my nursing class yesterday. I found out i made a 97%!! Isn't that awesome. lol. The test was on pysch nursing. This is a field i have no desire at all to go into. I didn't even pick to do a rotation at our mental hospital because i just don't have that pull for it. However, as far as testing goes i did the best on that test than any other.. i think any other ever in the program. WEird huh? So having a 97 on that test brought my grade up a bit and i have to worry less about the final. Well not really less but i have to get less points to pass so that's always good!! So as of wed i will be free for a month! i can not wait!!


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You are almost home free! Enjoy your month off, and really relax! We had a great time with you and Lilly yesterday, sure missed Allan! See you guys on Sunday! Love, Grammy & Papa