Sunday, December 13, 2009

planning parties!

Today i sat down and thought about christmas. We are doing a dinner at our house on christmas. So i figured out the meal plan and wrote the emails to ask people to bring things. i got excited about it. Which is different cause it hasn't been that "fun" till now. I've been so stressed about finishing this semester of school. However i figured out my grade and i found out that i need to get 35 quetions out of 100 right to pass my final. Usually our test only have 50 questions on them but the final has 100. i have never made less than an 85 on any test this semester so i feel pretty confident that i can pull out 35 questions. lol. We are still getting together to study tomorrow and tuesday. (just in case)
I also started planning a bday party for lilly. We are having a little one with sandy and wade and emma on the 20th when emma flies in but i still didn't want to jip her in anyway. Her first birthday we celebrated with maddie her cousin so it wasn't exactly "her special day" so this year i'm going to do it right. I called a few friends and it sounds like everyone is game for it. Most all the kids are older than her but they still really like her. which is a suprise cause she is 2 but i think she has a way of growing on people. Even when she is bratty she comes off as kind of funny. ( that could just be her mom talking but i don't think so cause i'm the one that is usually down right annoyed with her behavior and others are laughing)
I can't believe my baby is turning 2. ouch!!
So other than that all we did today was go over to mom and kim's and watch the super chargers!!they won by the way!! alright well i have to get a little girl i know to bed so i'm getting off here!


Anonymous said...

Just wait till she turns 7! Thats what I have to look forward to LOL

Anonymous said...

Lilly will love a party with lots of kids! She had so much fun at Maddie's. As long as she blows out the candles rather than doing like Jacob and put them out with her fingers! LOL Jake, Jake what would we do without him? Love, Grammy & Papa