Monday, December 28, 2009

My baby girl is 2!!

Yep it's official I have a 2 year old. I don't feel like we have gotten into the terrible two's at all. I think 3's were worse with emma. Am i right jenn? Lilly is very strong willed ( like her mom haha) but i don't fault her. It's a little aggravating from time to time but i'm glad she knows what she wants and isn't too scared or shy to ask for it ( or scream.. lol) She suprises me everyday with new things she is up to. She is just the apple of my eye and i'm so glad i get to be her mommy. I wouldn't trade her for the world! ;-) She is turning into the sweetest little thing. YOu can tell when she gets comfortable around you cause she will start crawling up in your lap to snuggle. She makes me smile with every new word. I havne't quite heard an "I love you" yet but there are thigns that sound like she is trying. It's very sweet. I included my favorite pictures of her growing up. :-) ( without trying to overdo it)


The Mason Bunch said...

so cute! it's hard to believe she's 2. happy b'day lilly! give her hugs & kisses for me.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Lilly!! We love you! Grammy & Papa

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! and yes you are was the 3's for Emma :)