Tuesday, December 1, 2009

okay i'm no good and probably won't be..

I can not keep up with blogging. I have tried to do better but i just can't. I'm in the last few weeks of school and you may not hear much till i'm done with finals on the 16th. I have one more test and then finals on top of that.. then i have two more tests in microbiology also.. yuck! So today i went to the wyoming surgical center. I watched a couple of surgeries. They were both on feet. ( my favorite..not) It was a nice enviroment. I have always thought that it might be nice to work there. I still think so. The orthopedic surgeries didn't bother me in the least little bit. I thought they might because i had got upset when i saw a total knee replacement but i think it was just that i wasn't prepared then. I'm fine now. I see a cople shoulders get fixed tomorrow. The staff is very friendly.
Lilly is talking up a storm. She just keeps saying new words and she has a few little sentences that she says now. such as "there it is" and " i got it".
Allan has been out of town pretty much all the time. HE was home last night which was nice. He is gone again today. I think i better get use to it. I may not see him till christmas. HAHA. It's snowing a storm out right now. Well i don't think it's that many inches just big wet fluffy show. It may freeze though and be icy so i think my mom might come stay the night so that she doesn't have to drive over so early in the morning tomorrow. Other than that i haven't been up to much. I'm reading the third book in the twilight series. They are soooo good. Well if you like silly romance and danger books. HAha. Allan teases me that i must still be a teenage girl for liking them. I never saw what all the fuss was about before but i started reading and coupldn't put it down. Could be because i haven't been able to pick up a book to read "for fun" in probably a year or two. I have to agree though.. the movie wasn't nearly as good as the book. Very unimpressed with the movie. I'm not sure if i will even see new moon. I might i guess but i may wait for it to come to video. So i have about a book and a half to go before i'm done with these.. anyone have any good books to recommend after? i'll be out for christmas break. i get a month off so plenty of time for reading. I hope..
I'm going in to pay for our carpet this friday i think. I can't wait till it's in downstairs. We can finally use our family room. I'm really hoping to get it in before christmas. WE could have a party for lilly if we do. My baby is going to be 2 so soon.. i can hardly believe it. OH mirya her b-day is the 29th. I forgot you asked. oh and allan's eye is very good. Thank you for asking about it.
anyway i gotta go get the laundry. I'll post when i can .


Jennifer said...

hahaha you are too funny! The second movie was way better that the first btw. It is a toss up for me..the fiction aspect of the book or the fact that I have a huge crush on Robert Pattinson LOL I can't believe Lilly is going to be 2 already! Emma will be happy to be able to see her on her bday. Em loves bdays! hhmmm more good books..lemme think...I really like Philippa Gregory, she wrote the Other Boleyn Girl. The 16th century English were nuts LOL I am also reading Harry Potter. Yep I am a Harry Potter nerd LOL Oooh and Jodi Picoult is good. She wrote my Sister's Keeper...Have not read that one but I have read several of her others.

Sandy said...

Sounds like life is getting really busy for you! Good luck on your tests, you'll do fine. If you don't have time to blog, just get up pictures of Lilly. I love it that she is talking now. I will have to teach her what I taught Emma and Maddie, "My Grandma's are the smartest ladies in the whole world!". LOL Glad you are enjoying "surgical". Sounds interesting. Only 13 more days and then you are free for awhile! Have a nice week. Love, Grammy Sandy & Papa Wade

The Thorsrud Family said...

I was all sad because I didnt see the chicken fried song on your blog still. I always click on it when I go to your blog! There it is! yea!