Monday, May 9, 2011

yard pics.

Okay the first one is of our dog "rocky" .. he is a silly thing. I find him sleeping up against the door like this all the time. I thought he was dead the first time i saw him laying there.

I got some of these on mothers day. Yummo! they are huge!!! edible arrangements is so yummy.

Okay so on to the yard. All of my " purple" bushes are getting ready to bust out in color. I don't know what they are but there are plenty of them. i'd say the majority of our bushes are these things but i don't know the name so i call them my " purple" bushes.

These are the honeysuckle that i planted about a month ago. They are just now starting to take off. I gave them a dose of miracle grow the other day and then they perked up and started spreading out over the back fence. They still have quite a distance to spread if they are going to block out the neighbors view, lol. But i'm glad they are making it anyway.

Can you see the bloom from the cactus plant. Can you tell I'm horrible with plant names. I'm okay with some but it's the ones i grew up with. I do not know the names of the plants out here in arizona especially all the cacti ones. I did think it's bloom was interesting though.

This is another weird cacti plant bloom. They are all ove rth eneighborhood with their long pink blossoms. On the right side is one of the jasmine plants. Star jasmine. It smells yummy at night and the whole thing bloomed so heavy.

The biggest one of the jasmine. It's right by our porch. Sandy do you remember when you were here and we were thinking that it might have some white blooms on it.. lol.. Yeah it was covered a few weeks later. It turned out really pretty.

This is the third jasmine and my hibiscus. The hibiscus i love because it has bloomed forever. I'm serious. It was blooming when i bought it and has bloomed everyday this month. It has about two new blooms aday but the flowers are huge. It still has a ton of buds on it. I pick off the old and then it gets new ones. I"m hoping it grows and grows. I plan to add a few more next year. I went back to get a couple more and they just didn't look that good.

Anyway we leave for san diego tomorrow morning. We are going to pick up emma on the way but she doesn't know it yet. We plan on sneaking to her school and suprising her. She has no idea she is going to get to miss two days of class and go to cali and to sea world and the beach. Lilly is still super excited about all of this. She wants to pick oranges off of the trees and play in the gardens. We plan on trying to see my great grandmother. Lilly's great great grandmother. She has only seen lilly once so I want to try to get her over there again.

SO i need to finish my packing. Ill post pics when i get back home.

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