Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i know i know long time no blogging. i have been working and feeling exhausted from just that. its really stressful with the state about to come thru at any moment for an inspection. i have also had tons of homework that i have to deal with and then any free time is spent with allan and lilly. we are all doing well though. im looking forward to my friend leslie coming to visit in july. we may also plan a small trip to texas because britt laarons girlfriend? is graduating airforce bootcamp. he really wants to be there and i would love to see the family there but we dont know who is going yet. besides aaron. other than that ive had dental apts andhad to get two fillings. guess im getting old. emma is almost out of school and her birthday is coming up so we are trying to still plan that swimming party. we are having a crab dinner on saturday for a different birthday. hope everyone is doing well.

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