Monday, May 30, 2011

im working the holiday. how about you guys? i did have all weekend off though and we had a big crab dinner with potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, garlic cheese biscuits, cole slaw, and cupcakes for desert. we all swam in the pool too. yesterday we took advantage of the sales and bought a lawnmower. we have a yard guy but allan has decided he wants to do it himself again so we had to get the tools. what else.. oh yesterday we weighed our puppy and he is a whopping 45 lbs. he is 6 months old so i think he is gonna be a pretty big doggie. lilly has been using her side walk chalk and riding her bike. she is obsessed with only having panties on. doesnt matter how many times i dress her she comes up with some reason why she needs to take them off. its been pretty hot but today is a cool ii degrees. maybe she will keep her clothes on oh i have also been using loreal revitalift night cream. this stuff is kinda amazing. if you guys dont have a face cream for night you should try it. its relatively cheap too like under 15 bucks. i can feel it working when i put it on. it makes my face feel so soft and smooth. i dont use it every night but i can still feel the difference from two nights ago. i know this blog is very random but its early and this is where my thoughts are haha..i guess i should also say a big thank you to all of those people that i served in the military with and to all the past and present military members. what other randomness is in my head?? oh they are selling fireworks on the roadsides already. i bought a box of sparklers from a gas station and the guy in their was forgein. he asked me what they were.. lol apparently they didnt have them in his country so i decided he needed to know what they were. i gave him a pack too with instructions to go home and light them. ok i gotta go into work now. see you all.

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