Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i know im completely horrible..

I haven't posted on here in forever. To be quite honest i barely get on facebook anymore either. I am just enjoying my time with allan and lilly. We sat out in the pool today on floats and just played as a family. I guess i really have no news to write about we are just happy and enjoying life. I do want to take some pictures of my yard. I love these jasmine bushes that are blooming. They smell sooo delicious when the wind blows the right way and it catches your nose with their scent. just heavenly. So i will take some pictures of that soon. I started two classes which puts me at full time for school for the next two months. TONS OF PAPERS!! blah blah yak yak! can you tell i'm totally not in love with the paper writing anymore. yep. over it entirely but unfortunately i have a few more classes to go to get my degree. boohoo. Allan is finishing his last class. Well he is only on week 2 of 8 but it's his last classs for his degree. He will finally be a college graduate! woohoo. go baby go! I do believe he is going to go on also and try to get close to getting a bachlorette also. .
our rocky dog is getting so big. He use to play with the other dog honey ( toy poodle) really well but now he tromps on her. Still just trying to play but he is too big. I think we are going to have to take him over to john and serrah's to visit their big old dog. Maybe that dog will teach him a thing or two. haha. we will see. Anyway, I promis i will try to post some pics or another blurb sometime in the next few days. We are planning on going to san diego next week so at very least i'll write about that when we get back. Sorry we are just enjoyin the weather and being a family. No news is good news! ;-)


Jenn said...

I am totally jealous of San Diego. I want to get out there. Em is dying to go to the beach. Let me know what you guys have planned and maybe we can work something out so you guys can see Em.

The Mason Bunch said...

Congrats Allan! Enjoy your family time.

Love ya!