Saturday, May 31, 2008

PICNIC and Yardsales

GrillingIt's been a bit since i wrote. Allan got called out to work for the whole weekend and then sneaky little thing showed up last night. Guess he got to the border of Wy. and they called and said they got whatever was broke fixed again. So that was nice to get him back at home. Yeah! We woke up and there was two yardsales on our street so me and Emma walked down there and looked around. We didn't really get much besides a windchime that had cowboy boots all over it. Thought it was very Wyomingish.. Today is very pretty outside. It's suppose to be in the high 70's maybe 80's. I think we need to take a picnic to the park or get some fried chicken? I don't know maybe just fire up the grill in the back yard. We have had smores to make on the fire for the last 5 nights but every night it has either rained or just been to cold. Maybe tonight we will actually have some smores.

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