Monday, May 26, 2008

More pictures

I keep adding a few pictures at a time. Tonight we had taco's at home and then made some cookies. Here's a picture of Emma with her apron on pretending to do the dishes. Allan had to put up with the girl team tonight. He got called in to work today for a few hours but made it home by early afternoon and he walked into 5 girls. lol. Lilly, Emma, Leslie, Carissa, and myself were putting away groceries and planning what to do next. We decided dinner then the Bee Movie. So everyone is settled in watching the Bee Movie and Allan decided to escape to the gym. I can't say that i blame him. I might feel the same if it was 5 boys.. haha.
Okay Emma's bday??? HMM... We haven't actually planned alot. It's been a weird three ring circus around here lately. I did talk to Lynn about maybe going to the indoor pool and having something there or Going to Pizza hut buffet and having hats and b-day stuff then a cake. It's been to rainy to have anything outdoors like we did last time. I'm not really sure but i know that i have to sneak off at some point and buy some presents. Not really sure what she would like this year. I need to take her down the toy aisle and see what grabs her attention. Probably something crafty would be good too. We don't have a set in concert plan. I'm going to go by party city and see if anything jumps out at me.

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